Over the Moon

The Drift Estate



This wine is made in the same way ancient wine was produced by the Sumerians and Egyptians. From evidence gathered from these old civilizations, we have reimagined what techniques they would have used to make wine. Using this methodology and choosing robust grapes like Tinta Barocca, Shiraz and Grenache we have crafted a unique wine that is true to the ancient world of winemaking.

Tasting Notes

With aromas of black cherry, basil, rosemary and spice and flavours of ripe plum and dark chocolate the wine surprises with its refreshing acidity and softness (due to a lack of tannin).


When I was asked what I thought of my experimentation in ancient winemaking, my answer was simple – I was “Over the Moon!”, hence the name we have chosen. This is an old English saying which means we are very happy with the result. I’d like to think that those Sumerians and Egyptians would have also loved the wine.


• Country: South Africa
• Region: Western Cape
• Producer: The Drift Estate
• Winemaker: Bruce Jack
• Type: Still Red
• Grape: Cinsault, Touriga Franca, Shiraz
• Vintage: 2018


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