Ad Astra




The name of our second wine from the Maremma region is gleaned from the Latin phrase Per Aspera Ad Astra — “a rough road leads to the stars”. A phrase that is also true for great wines, as greatness requires a great deal of loving work and care in the vineyards. As is the case with its “older brother” Nectar Dei, Ad Astra grows on the sun-drenched hills of our estate Mongibello delle Mandorlaie in Southern Maremma.

Ad Astra is an approachable yet simultaneously complex red wine that is also a true pleasure when enjoyed young. The respected Italian wine guide Gambero Rosso awarded Ad Astra in the past with the highest rating possible, the Tre Bicchieri (“Three Glasses”).


Fermentation in 5 and 10.5-ton stainless steel tanks, followed by twelve months of aging in French oak barrique and tonneaux, a few month in concrete and subsequent bottle aging for 6 month.

Tasting Notes:

Deep ruby red, suggestive nose of plums and berries and with a hint of licorice; a fine wine with a complex bouquet. Excellently suited to all variations of fish and different appetizers. Best served at approx. 16° C (61° F).


• Country: Italy
• Region: Maremma
• Producer: Nittardi
• Winemaker: Léon Femfert
• Type: Still Red
• Grape: Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, secret varieties
• Vintage: 2018


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